Amiga Blues

So.. a quiet Sunday. What better time to dust off my trusty old Amiga 1200 and test some of the old disks I’ve had lying around for months on end? Every six months or so I get the urge to get back into Amigas and a few hours later, I’m always reminded why I don’t bother…

  • First up, the A1200 decides it’s not going to read any floppies. Not to worry, I’ll plug in my external floppy drive…
  • …which doesn’t work either.
  • So, I dig out the A600 instead and load up Pushover (it was the first to hand) and sit and wait for it all to load while fumbling around for a joystick. Ah, a Cruiser – my favourite! Oh.. the fire buttons don’t work.
  • A Zipstik. They were popular – that should be better. Fire buttons work but the movement is temperamental. Next…
  • The Terminator joystick. A joystick shaped like a grenade…
    If you're thinking 'That's a stupid shape for a joystick', you'd be right.

    (excuse the poor picture. My camera didn’t want to work today either, so it’s a phone pic)
    Although it’s rubbish to use, this one does actually work, so some progress at least.

  • Decided that although Pushover worked fine, it wasn’t actually worth playing and put Lotus 2 on instead.

So after far too long arsing around with cables, PSU, Amigas, floppies and joysticks, I’ve tested two games and am now surrounded by junk. I need to remember all this next time I get the urge to tinker with Amiga stuff. No wonder I prefer consoles.


Blogging again

I was never the most prolific of bloggers in the first place, but I’m finding that I’ve got stuff swimming around my brain that’s too long for Twitter (if I can’t make my point in one tweet, I won’t bother) and too geeky for facebook so I figured I’d dump it all into a Blog instead. It might not get read by anyone, but at least it should get it out of my head at least.