Words With Friends

Oh.. a new version of WWF on Facebook? *refreshes page*

No thanks

Hmm. I don’t really want to clog my feed up with all that clutter. *clicks X*

No really.. it's fine. Go away.

You’re just annoying me now *clicks X once more*


*sigh* so despite having the privacy options to control what appears on my feed for this app, if I customise them, I can’t play the game? Great.


Reason enough to dislike Yager

Why, dammit, why?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 TV Ad

(I was hoping to find the ad on Youtube to include at the start of this post, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Odd how pretty much all the ads that I did find were all better than the one that we’re currently being subjected to on UK telly).

I wouldn’t want to be a gamer trying to explain the ad to a non-gamer.

“What the hell was that? And what’s with the XIII-2?”
“Well it’s a sequel”
“And the XIII bit?”
“It’s the thirteenth game in the series”
“So it’s a sequel to something that’s had lots of sequels already? Why not call it XIV?”
“Because it’s a sequel to XIII which had nothing to do with XII or any of the prior ones.”
“Um.. ok. None of this is particularly ‘final’ though, is it?”
“And the music? Is it supposed to sound like it’s from a dire children’s programme?”
“Err…shush. the programme’s starting again now”

* Seemed apt.