Guide to buying Videogames on Ebay

A cut-out-and-keep (er, assuming you print it off first) guide to the phrases you’ll come across when browsing for used videogames on Ebay –

What they say What they mean
RARE Not rare
ULTRA RARE!! Still not all that rare
Too many games to list Eight games
Untested Broken
Ideal gift for Christmas It’s November and I need to offload this tat
Easy to pick up No instructions
GX4000 and one game GX4000 and Burnin’ Rubber
Unboxed GBA Carts Pirate GBA Carts
Job lot Tat I couldn’t sell individually
Neo Geo Eye-wateringly expensive
Message me for more details Dodgy
See photo for game titles I really can’t be arse to type this stuff out, so squint at the tiny, blurry thumbnail that’s probably not even the right way up