Prolific blogger that I am, I decided to do a post for the first time in ages and notice that it’s been a year and a day since my last post. Anyway, as I’ve got the week off from work, I thought I’d catch up on the backlog of stuff I’ve had in the post of late. Today was the turn of the 3DO I had a month or so ago. The plan was just to give it a test.. make sure it loaded up, the pads worked and all that, stick it on the site and tidy it away.

I particularly like the way the pads daisy-chain onto each other. Mind you, it does mean the cables are ridiculously long too.

A couple of hours later and I’m still sat there playing Need for Speed.

FIFA was pretty forgettable as you’d expect, but Road Rash Was was up second. Played it before plenty of times on the PS1 and PC but rather enjoyed getting stuck into it again. Then I put Need for Speed on and despite its cringeworthy FMV and a menu screen that doesn’t explain a thing, I got stuck into it and was rather enjoying myself. I do rather miss those days where games could be picked up in minutes and they weren’t all about complicated combos, unlockables, DLC and numerous controls to memorise.

Three EA games in one day and a general positive experience from them all. How times have changed.